Seattle Roots … Seattle Experience

My family and I have deep roots in Seattle. It has always been the place we call home. We have seen our city change and grow, and like you, I know that we all need to be engaged in the process of keeping Seattle a great place to live and work.

I have spent 26 years working as an Assistant City Attorney in Seattle’s Municipal Court – known as the busiest court in our state. In recent years, I have focused my work on helping to develop our Mental Health Court and Veterans Treatment Court. I have seen how these problem-solving courts can address public safety concerns while also improving the lives of repeat offenders who suffer from chemical dependency, personal trauma, and untreated mental illness. The work we do in these courts is important.

As a judge, I hope to use my many years of experience to actively work with Seattle’s leaders. Together we must create new and effective ways to balance public safety with our shared desire to offer a helping hand.

As I campaign across the City of Seattle this year, I look forward to hearing your ideas on the challenges ahead. I hope to earn your trust and your vote.